Welcome to Friluftsliv

"Free Air Life"

Enjoy Friluftsliv in our serene Michigan apple orchard

Winter Walking Trails

Welcome to Winter Walking Trails at Frugthaven Farm.
In the true spirit of Friluftsliv, we've carved a space for enjoying the Michigan outdoors all winter long.
We have two orchard paths, a 1/3 mile path we've named "Cider Sights Trail" and a 1 Mile path called "Apple Valley Trail". Maps are available at the Carside service booth and the Hygge House, and they include a fun little scavenger hunt for along the way.
These trails are open during Kaffebar's regular business hours, and the perfect way to catch the sunrise or soak in the afternoon winter sun (When it decides to show up).
The trails are family friendly, enjoyed by all. Don't forget to bring your furry friends along for the fun.

Winter Walking Trails Map
Warm up and relax in our open air sitting space

The Hygge House

The perfect place to warm up after a lovely stroll through one of our orchard trails or ice skating on the rink. Complete with seating spaces, space heaters (fire pits coming soon), and the opportunity to enjoy pleasant conversation with loved ones or maybe even read your favorite book.

This is a self serve space during weekdays, please feel free to come in and make yourself at home. Turn on a heater, put your feet up and sip away.

Weekends will offer a little more in terms of Hygge House activities (details to come) so keep your eyes on our social accounts for updated information.

Snowmen, Snowball fights and snow angels belong here

Open Lawn & Room to Play

In the space behind Hygge House, encircled by the big red barn and outbuildings is the perfect play space. We encourage people to make a snowman or two, have a snowball fight, and any snowy fun you can muster up.

Closed for the season

Ice Skating at Frugthaven Farm

The rink was such a lovely addition to winter at Frugthaven Farm. However, Spring isn't far off and warmer weather is finding its way to Greenville, MI. "Melty" Ice just isn't conducive to great ice skating... Therefore we've closed our rink for the season.

We will watch the weather and if winter decides to stop back by, we may visit the possibility at that point of opening the rink again. However we would be lying if we didn't say we'd just rather the sun stick around. We still welcome you to enjoy the fresh air at the farm, just not on the ice.