Welcome to Frugthaven Farm


Welcome to Frugthaven

We are now booking weddings & events for 2021-2022.

It is more important than ever to find beauty & joy in small, ordinary moments. With this in mind our vision for Frugthaven Farm hinges on creating a cozy gathering space, a simple orchard destination and a comfortable event venue.

We are creating a space that celebrates tradition and inspires new memories. We value sharing a good beverage with even better conversation, simple walks, meaningful moments and curated experiences.

Welcome to Frugthaven Farm.  A new destination just northeast of Grand Rapids in Greenville, Michigan locally owned by the Petersen Family. 

Contact us today to begin planning your occasion.


Frügt / Fruit

Have / Garden

When we looked up the Danish word for orchard we found Frügthave. Frügt meaning fruit and have meaning garden. We chose to add the “N” to make it our own and fell in love with the name Frügthaven Farm. We think you’ll fall in love with it too.

How to pronounce Frügthaven? Froog-tah-ven. Weird name. Cool place. 

A new twist on tradition

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